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If the natural aging process, sun exposure, pollution, stress, or lifestyle factors have taken their toll on your skin’s tone, texture, and vitality, you may want to consider ProFractional laser resurfacing.

The innovative technology will naturally restore your skin’s vitality, leaving you looking and feeling better than ever!

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Rejuvenate Renew is proud to offer transformative laser skin resurfacing to turn back the hands of time and deliver healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Restore your skin to its natural health and beauty without surgery!

  • Treat a wide range of skin concerns while leaving the surrounding skin intact
  • Promote rapid recovery
  • Improve collagen remodeling
  • Noticeable, long-term treatment benefits

Excellent resurfacing results with increased comfort and shorter healing times!

Is ProFractional laser resurfacing right for you?

Visit Rejuvenate Renew to allow us to evaluate your unique skin concerns and determine if ProFractional resurfacing is right for you. We will work with you to create a fully customized treatment plan to achieve your cosmetic goals!

*Results may vary from person to person.

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Deep Healing Fractional Therapy

Erbium fractional and ablative laser for safe and effective skin resurfacing.

  • Dramatically improves the skin’s appearance
  • Triggers collagen production
  • Softens wrinkles, post-traumatic scars, and acne scars
  • Corrects sun-damaged skin
  • Adjustable settings based on the treatment area
  • One of the safest and most effective resurfacing lasers available today
  • Noticeable results after just one treatment, with improvement continuing 4-6 months as collagen remodeling occurs

The ProFractional laser treatment, brought to you by Sciton, is a top choice for individuals seeking smoother, younger-looking skin. The innovative technology utilizes a precise laser beam to ablate thousands of pinpoint areas of the skin while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing. The skin’s wound healing response triggers collagen production, which adds firmness and resilience to the skin.

ProFractional skin resurfacing delivers excellent results after just one treatment, although the number of treatments may vary from one person to another. The fully customizable procedure dramatically improves the overall appearance of the skin. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage and improves skin tone, texture, post-traumatic scars, acne scars, and skin laxity. You’ll love the dramatic results!

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